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Commercial Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarm systems are designed to create alerts from unauthorised entry to your property and to afford staff with a dependable means of communication during hostile situations. From simple systems that sound a local audible alarm when triggered to more complex systems covering separate areas/buildings individually, linked by connection platforms such as Emizon,RedCARE or Dualcom to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for summoning Police attendance.

Detect Fire & Security’s qualified survey team can plan/design your system taking into consideration your concerns/needs, meeting with your insurance companies requirements meeting the BS/EN standards currently in force.

Intruder Alarm Choices

Detect Fire & Security utilise the very best control equipment as our front line product, ranges that have for many years been regarded as the industry’s most reliable single platform operating system providing flexibility and choice.

We also design and install the latest Class VI wire-free intruder alarm systems where the restrictions on cable installation mean that a wire-free system becomes the best solution. For those clients who are seeking a new service provider which maybe be due to excessive charges or poor customer service, Detect Fire & Security can provide a maintenance and emergency call-out service to most panel manufacturers.

Central Station Alarm Monitoring

Emizon provides the most modern, cost effective and secure alarm signalling and monitoring service to the remote security and alarm industry.

Emizon supports IP, GPRS and PSTN dual path monitoring.



“I have been to Cadnam and I am very pleased with everything that has been done, your guys have made an excellent job. I will certainly recommend that we continue to work with Detect going forward.” AW Development Manager Denovo Retail